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"thought leader in change"

Solariz is a thought leader in change

Solariz was founded by Alexander Rahe in 2006 after he experienced the constant need to manage change and the need of an industry to improve profitability. Since than Solariz has grown to a group of consultants and subject matter experts with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences but with a strong focus on the travel industry. Our expertise is in marketing supplier products as well as optimizing travel management for corporations.  

Solariz  represents the idea of "RE" and it's main principles which are the foundation and key to it's success in the facilitation of change and creation.


  • RE - evaluate
  • RE - design
  • RE - invest 
  • RE - create
  • RE - launch


We create value and make you more profitable - now

We implement processes to save  costs. 


Find out how these core values have helped other Clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.


"Specialized in new market entry"

Solariz will help you identifying the goals for the new market and identify the needed investment including the calculation for the ROI. We break the ice for you and get the fish.

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